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Had a good clearing out of all my old digital paintings, sketches, matte painting, photo manips, etc. in my gallery. I'm back with a new style, I'm aiming for a sort of semi-realistic digital painting style this time! Wow, it was a long break!
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Etsy Prints

Wed May 8, 2013, 11:33 AM
Hello everyone! Long time no see. Sorry I've been so inactive, I've been focusing on learning some skills, going through Loomis etc. and trying out traditional painting and charcoal work. I'll be back shortly once I'm satisfied with how I'm progressing.

For now though, I've listed all my princesses and a few more pieces on Etsy. Any purchases will greatly support my financial situation so I can buy more art supplies and enhance my skills.

Please visit me here

Thank you!

See you soon :)

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Fri Sep 23, 2011, 4:37 PM
fffffffffffffffffFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! I've been recording myself painting from scratch to finish today and yesterday, only it has decided not to save my entire progress today. ......... I feel like vomiting I'm so mad. I vow to never EVER use these products EVER AGAIN




I'll have to make a crappy flash animation from print screening the bits of video I have. boohoo :<

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  • Watching: American Dad
  • Playing: Ragnarok
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Welll it's nice to be posting again. XD Any of my old DA friends still here?T_T
<.< My computer has a virus so I can't use photoshop, hence the no new pictures. T_T

Anyways, don't look at my pictures!! XD (Well ya can if you want) The reason being the atonomy is awfull, seriously I've improved alot since my last picture. Ok...well w/e X_X;

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Ok so I'm finally out of (another) slump!

I've took some time out to work on atonomy 'n stuff.

Sooo, I'll be posting stuff alot more frequently. ^^

*sigh* But my Open Canvas trial expired *sobs* and I was making a really cool picture too. <.<;

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Just making a new journal entry to let you know I'm working on a new picture. My other files got corrupted so tha's why I haven't submitted something for ages. :

It should be finished by tommorow or the next day.

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Ok well as some of you might have noticed, I have deleted all my oekakis and the Buterfly Girl pic. (sorry to anyone who commented/faved it. )

Reason for this, I have a bunch of new stuff which looks TONS better than all the work here, even the ones that arent deleted. ^.^

Sooo, I might not be able to get a new pic up till after x-mas, because my tablet is broke but I'm getting a new WACOM GRAPHIC TABLET ( :o ) for christmas!!

Yeah, soo, if my other tablet works before then I'll hopefully get a new picture up before Monday.

Well look out for some more stuff! And check the scraps section because I might put some stuff there. XD

And tell everyone about my page!! (J/k j/k, well, you can if you like O.o )

Ok one last thing, I need to make pictures for my friends before X-mas so i might put some stuff up before then XD *feels pressured*

Okies, bye bye!! ^.~

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Ok, I am now out of my slump!! XD  I actually made a christmas oekaki the other day but as my computer was being a bitch it froze and shut down. -.- Anyway I'm working on a new cutesy type of picture now XD Expect to see it tommorow or the next day (Unless something goes horribly wrong.)

It might take longer actually, since I need practice on how to make backgrounds. >.< Well IDK.

On another note.. WOOHOO!!! Nearly 100 page views!! :D Yay!
I feel like drawing, but I've gone into a slump >.< blah, I have so many unfinished pics ._. Well, I hope to get a new christmas picture up by Wednesday/Thursday, and an oekaki ^.^ That's if my inspiration comes back X.x Ahhh!! I need reference pictures!! ;o;
Yeess, new dev account ^^ I'll post something here later. My art isn't that good, but hey, I like drawing so w/e <.>;

Whoever sees this, thanks for viewing my page! :D It means alot to me ;o; Oh yes it does. Yay for pageviews.

So hiya anyway ^^